Saturday, February 9, 2008



! Welcome, all the parents of Narayana IIT Olympiad Schools, of Hyderabad

1. Concept teaching means the student should understand the concept and the lesson . Otherwise just teaching and giving questions from Deepthi EAMCET physics or O.P.Tandon chemistry book meant for IIT students will not serve the purpose.

2. Since Narayana IIT Olympiad school has given admission directly for classes 8th, 9th&10th the programme designers should keep in mind and the basics of previous classes, say for 7th class student, the basics of the concerned lesson of either 6th class or 5th class have to be taught and then only the student can understand the concept of that 7th class lesson. When this is not happening the Principal as a head of the institution should observe, assess and take the responsibility of whether every individual student has understood the lesson or not.

3. If it is difficult for the Principal and to the teacher in clarifying the concept for a mere total strength of 250 students in the school, the very purpose of the programme is defeated.

4. While conducting the Quarterly and half-yearly exams on S.S.C. pattern almost all the teachers are leaking out the questions well inadvance inorder to claim that the students get good marks. This is mere a cheating trick.

5. The school management has appointed only one senior teacher each for Physics and Chemistry and two senior teachers for Mathematics subject . All the junior teachers are freshers. It seems the IIT Olympiad Programme designers have not provided the required training to the Junior teachers regarding the blend of THREE syllabuses.

6. As promised by Narayana IIT Olympiad school management in the brochure, they are going to conduct and organize group discussions and workshops (generally in a workshop students are asked to explain the lesson or concept from each subject so as to assess to what extent the student has understood the concept, thereby remedial measures can be implemented by the teacher). But so far the school has not conducted any sort of subjectwise group discussion.

7. Always the Junior teachers keep informing the parents regarding the marks secured by their respective children. But they are not bothered to inform the analysis pertaining to the level of understanding of each lesson or concept.

8. Unless the student understands and acquires the needed depth in the concept there is no point in boasting that the school is imparting the student, the required foundation to copeup with the challenges of IIT/JEE.

9. Concept teaching must include to guide the student regarding the methodology of asking questions in the particular chapter, lesson or concept. Here in our Narayana IIT Olympiad school the junior as well as senior teachers had never tried to explain or teach the methodology of asking questions . Had it been the case by this time the parents of our Narayana Olympiad students would have spread the message like a wildfire.

10. It is quite surprising that here in our Narayana IIT Olympiad School Functional (participatory) system of teaching is not implemented. When Student-Teacher participation by way of discussion is not happening this way it is not a fullfledged teaching. With this kind of participatory system the school can become instrumental in making the students overcome the inhibitions at the early stages of education 6th,7th, 8th and 9th classes level.

11. Hardly there are 15 to 20 major chapters in Maths,Physics and Chemistry. Evenafter allocating 6 to 7 hours per day to Maths,Physics and Chemistry from 15-6-2007 to till date on an average 7 monthsx3periodsx20days in a month for Mathematics,7monthsx2periodsx20days in a month for Physics and Chemistry each, Our Narayana IIT Olympiad school has not come up to the expectations of the students and parents.

12. When the parents of Narayana Concept School are paying through their nose a FEE of Rs.15000/- per annum and the parents of Narayana IIT Olympiad students are forced to pay an annual FEE of Rs.50,000/-, it is nothing but natural that the parents and students expect 200% more “QUALITY CONCEPT’ education from Narayana IIT Olympiad School. Contrarily the management of Narayana IIT Olympiad is contemplating to increase the fees to Rs.60,000/- with effect from the next academic year for this first batch . It is highly deplorable on the part of Narayana IIT Olympiad director Mr.Subba Rao who had intimidated the parents of DILSUKHNAGAR branch students by announcing that the Narayana group will not hesitate to close the branch if the parents demand quality education and for RATIONAL FEES. The following are the economics of each branch of Narayana IIT Olympiad School.


Income from a strength of 250 students (250 X Rs.50000/-) 1,25,00,000 Expenditure:-
Salaries of 2 Senior Maths Teachers
(2 X 12months X Rs.25000) 6,00,000
Salaries of 8 Junior Maths Teachers
(12 X 8 X Rs.5000) 4,80,000
Salary of ONE Senior Physics Teacher
(12 X Rs.25000) 3,00,000
Salaries of 4 Junior Physics Teachers
(4 X 12 X Rs.5000) 2,40,000
Salary of ONE Senior Chemistry Teacher
(12 X Rs.25000) 3,00,000
Salaries of 4 Junior Chemistry Teachers
(4 X 12 X Rs.5000) 2,40,000
Salary of ONE Telugu Teacher
(12 X Rs.6000) 72,000
Salary of ONE English Teacher
(12 X Rs.7000) 84,000
Salary of ONE Hindi Teacher
(12 X Rs.5000) 60,000
Salary of ONE Biology Teacher
(12 X Rs.7000) 84,000
Salary of 2 Principals (2 X Rs.3,60,000) 7,20,000
Salaries of 3 Attenders (3 X Rs.48000) 1,44,000
Salaries of 4 Office Staff (4 X Rs.60000) 2,40,000

Cost of Study Material (250 X Rs.400) 1,00,000
Premises Rent (12 X Rs.80000) 9,60,000
Portion of Salaries of CORE TEACHERS
Of the programme at central office 2,00,000
Miscellaneous Expenses 5,00,000
One time Investment for Interiors and
A/C provision & furniture 15,00,000
Cost of Computer Lab Establishment 5,00,000

Total Expenses 73,24,000

Net Profit 51,76,000



After going through details one can arrive at a conclusion how far Narayana IIT Olympiad School have to get prepared to control the way the management runs the school possibly proceeding legally if need arises.

Hence all the parents of Narayana IIT Olympiad branches from all over the state of Andhra Pradesh are urged to FORM INTO PARENTS ASSOCIATION at your branch level and city level subsequently for this all the parents are requested to send an email to with their name, contact number, address, their child name and class with an email id.